Lutung Kasarung

There used to be a just and wise king Prabu Tapa Agung name. He was awarded seven daughters. Respectively they are the Purbararang, Purbadewata, Purbaendah, Purbakancana, Purbamanik, Purbaleuih, and the youngest Purbasari. The seven teenage daughter was married and everything is beautiful. The most beautiful and sweetest budinya is Purbasari. He became a baby all the people of the Kingdom of Sand Bar. Purbararang eldest daughter was engaged to Raden Indrajaya, the son of a minister of the kingdom. To Purbararang and Indrajayalah should Prabu Tapa Agung to entrust the kingdom. However, although he was very old and it was time to abdicate, he was not free to hand over the crown. Because, whether or Indrajaya Purbararang can not fully trust him.

The King felt as the eldest daughter, Purbararang temperament does not match that expected from a leader of the kingdom. Purbararang have the nature haughty and cruel, while Indrajaya was a dandy. The young nobleman would be a lot of thinking about clothing and jewelry take care of themselves than the safety and welfare of the people of the kingdom. Facing such problems, Prabu Tapa Agung often moping. Similarly, empress, mother of seven daughters of that. They often talk about it, but no solution was found.

However, anxiety and confusion presumably good king was known by Sunan Ambu who dwell in heaven or Buana On. One night, when Prabu Tapa Agung sleep, he dreamed. In the dream that Sunan Ambu said, “O King of the good, do not worry. It is time for you to rest. Leave the palace. Leave the throne to the youngest daughter Purbasari. Laksanakanlah desire to be a hermit. ” After he woke up, there goes his concerns. Instructions from Khayangan it’s really comforting him and consort. The next day the King to collect his seventh daughter, maid, he was a loyal advisor, namely Uwak Batara stepped down, governor, ministers and other dignitaries of the kingdom. He delivered a command Sunan Ambu from heaven that it was time he abdicated and handed over the kingdom to Prince Purbasari.

The news was received with joy by most of the house, except by the NII Purbararang and Indrajaya. They pretended to agree, even though deep down inside they are angry and began to find a way how to seize the throne from Purbasari. Sense that soon they get. A day after their mother’s father was not in court, with the help Indrajaya ejects Purbararang security, namely black berwara substance made from plants, to the face and body Purbasari. As a result Purbasari be jet black and the Sand Bar is not recognized anymore. That’s why the youngest daughter was not there that helped when evicted from the palace. No one believed when he says that he Purbasari, Queen of the new Sand Bar. In addition, those who know and suspect that it is dark black girl Purbasari, dare not too helpful. They fear the Purbararang notoriety. Even the powerless prime minister Uwak Batara Purbararang preventing it.

When he was told to bring Purbasari into the woods, he complied. But the arrival in the forest, Uwak Batara stepped down shack made strong for the youngest daughter. He also advised him with soft words, “My lady patient. Make this exile as an opportunity to apply for protection of asceticism and love of the inhabitants of heaven. “Advice Uwak Batara resignation that reduce sadness Princess Purbasari. He agrees that he will do penance. “Good, my lady. Do not worry, Uwak would often come here visit and send supplies. ” As the world or Panca Buana Ttengah events Purbasari expulsion and exile into the forest, in heaven or Buana In other events.

For days Sunan Ambu Guruminda agitated because his son did not appear. Sunan Ambu then asked the occupants of heaven were both men and women to look for it. Not long later a poet to come and preach that Guruminda be Goda garden. Added that Guruminda looked wistful. Sunan Ambu ask the waiter for Guruminda called heaven, was summoned. Somewhat longer Guruminda not meet the call so he called back. Finally he appeared before his mother, Sunan Ambu. However, he behaved other than the usual. He kept my head down as if ashamed to look at her own mother’s face. However, if Sunan Ambu’re not looking, he stole glances.

“Guruminda, my son, what are you sedihkan? Ceritalah to Mother,” said Sunan Ambu gently and lovingly. Guruminda not answered. Similarly, when Sunan Ambu repeat his question. Because Sunan Ambu a wise woman, he immediately realized what was happening with his son.
He said, “Mother knew, now you’re a teenager. Age seventeen. Is there an angel who pulled your heart. Say the mother who she was. Later I’ll introduce you to him. “For some time Guruminda silent. “Guruminda, said,” said Sunan Ambu. Guruminda said, although very slowly, “I do not want to be introduced with any angel, but a beautiful mother,” he said. Hearing the words of his son’s Sunan Ambu surprised. However, as a wise woman she was not losing my mind let alone anger. He is wise that his son is facing a problem. He also said, “Guruminda, similar to the girl who’s mother was not in Buana In this. He was in the Middle Panca Buana. You go up there. But not as Guruminda. You must be disguised as an ape or a monkey. ” After Sunan Ambu said that, Guruminda was changed into a monkey or monkeys. “Go my son, to the Middle Panca Buana, my love will always be with you. Now your name Kasarung monkey. ”

Guruminda very shocked and saddened when he realized that he had a monkey. He thought that he had been punished by the mother of Sunan Ambu because of audacity. He just looked down. “Go, my son. The girl, was waiting there and need your help. “Sunan Ambu said anyway. Guruminda aware that a monkey is already his fate and he resigned from the presence of his mother. With hope will meet a similar girl with her mother, she left Buana On. He jumped from cloud to cloud until finally arriving on Earth. Guruminda looking for a suitable place to descend. When looking at a forest, he jumped into the earth. He jumps from tree to tree. Monkey-monkeys and the monkeys around. Because they realize that Guruminda, which changed its name to monkey Kasarung, larger and smarter, they accept it as a leader. Thus Kasarung monkey wandering in the wilderness, looking for the same beautiful girl with a mother of Sunan Ambu. Tersebutlah in Pasir Batang kingdom, Queen Purbararang about to perform the ceremony. In a ceremony that required an animal sacrifice. Queen Purbararang called Aki Panyumpit. “Aki!” He said, “Catch an animal to be a sacrifice in the ceremony. If you do not get it later today, so instead you own. ”

With great fear Aki Panyumpit rush into the wilderness. However, not a bajingpun he found. The animals had been told by a monkey Kasarung for hiding. Then, walk Aki Panyumpit from place to place in the woods until exhaustion. He was sitting under a tree and wept in despair. It was then that monkey Kasarung down from the tree and sit in front of Aki Panyumpit. Aki Panyumpit soon took his chopsticks and aiming towards the monkey Kasarung. But the monkey Kasarung said, “Do not menyumpit me because I will not bother you. I came here because you see the sad old man. ” Aki Panyumpit surprised to hear the monkey can talk. “Why do grandparents grieve?” Asked monkey Kasarung. Asked Thus, Aki Panyumpit tell what they experienced. “Then take me to the palace, grandfather,” said the monkey Kasarung.

“But you will be burnt!” Said Aki Panyumpit who likes monkey Kasarung.

“I’m not willing to sacrifice you made,” said Aki Pannyumpit.

“But if the grandfather did not successfully bring an animal, his own grandfather who will be slaughtered as a sacrifice,” answered the monkey Kasarung.

Aki Panyumpit can not say another word for confused.

“Therefore, take me to the palace. Do not worry, “said Kasarung monkey.

“All right, then”, said Aki Panyumpit. They came out of the woods towards Pasir Batang kingdom.

Arriving at the royal plaza, a few soldiers to hold and bind the monkey Kasarung. Another soldier sharpening knives to kill it. Kasarung monkey that has been brought ketengah tied the square. There Purbararang and Indrajaya and royal princes were already present. Similarly, five daughters Purbararang younger siblings. It was all perlengkapaan ceremony was prepared. A priest has begun to turn on incense and pray. A soldier with a very sharp knife run will do their job. He held the monkey’s head Kasarung. However, the monkey suddenly Kasarung squirm. Mines the fibers that bind his body one by one began to break and then he was free. He then devastated the ceremonial equipment. Princesses and noble women screamed in fear. The soldiers pulled a gun and tried to kill the monkey Kasarung. However, no one could approach him. Kasarung monkey is very nimble and agile. He is jumping to and fro, in the midst of the audience which ran for my life. Kasarung monkey accidentally damage goods and equipment. In jumping to the stage where the princess loom weaving and damaging equipment. After the audience fled and the soldiers exhausted, Kasarung monkey sitting on top of the page surrounding the fort in the palace.

From inside the palace, Purbararang and her sisters looked at her with astonishment and fear. Indrajaya there is also there, go hide with the daughters and the women. Purbararang then became angry, “Kill! Let’s kill that monkey! “He shouted. Some soldiers would surround the monkey Kasarung forward again. However, the monkey Kasarung immediately attack them and get them running scared in different directions. Uwak Batara resignation is a wise old man, although old still valiant. He walked toward the monkey Kasarung and stood nearby. Apparently, the monkey Kasarung not show hostility to him. “Come here monkey, do not be naughty and scare people, you’re a good boy.” At that time some people tried to ambush soldiers Kasarung monkey. However, monkey Kasarung always vigilant. He fought back, clawing, and biting them. They fled helter-skelter and did not dare come back. After that monkey back to Uwak Batara Kasarung resignation and such a good boy, sitting near the foot of the old man.

Purbararang who saw the scene from afar, come evil intentions. Big monkey and evil should be sent Forestry Purbasari place, he thought. If Purbasari dead monkeys pounced on it, then he would calmly occupied the throne of the Kingdom of Sand Bar. How to send a monkey that seems to be implemented through Uwak Batara langur stepped down because it did not show hostility towards the Uwak Batara resignation. Uwak Batara said Purbararang to resign, asked the old man approached. The old man obeyed, “Uwak Batara stepped down, get rid of that ferocious langur Forestry. Put together Purbasari. If it is benign, we kurbankan later. “Uwak Batara know the purpose Purbararang resignation, but he went along. He was not sure whether it would injure Purbasaari langur. He sees something strange on the monkey’s. That is why he reached out to the monkey and said, “Let us go, monkey. I bring you a more suitable place for you. “Monkey in his own. Uwak Batara stepped down even led him to leave the place and headed into the woods. Up in the woods, Uwak Batara resignation call upon Purbasari notify his arrival. Purbasari out of the hut with joy. Kasarung monkey saw a girl whose skin is dyed jet black on cream. He was stunned for a moment so Uwak Batara resignation said, “That’s Princess Purbasari. He is a sweet girl and kind. You must keep it. ”

“Yes,” said the monkey Kasarung.

Uwak Batara Purbasari resignation and surprise. However, Uwak Batara stepped down saying, “Hopefully, coming to the Sand Bar sent heaven for the good of all.”

After Uwak Batara stepped down to go, monkey Kasarung asking for help his friends to gather fruits and flowers to Purbasari. Princess was really comforted in his grief. He was not quiet anymore. Not just monkey Kasarung always nearby, but other animals such as deer, squirrels, and birds of various kinds, gathered near his cabin. When night falls, monkey Kasarung pray, Sunan Ambu’s mother begged for help. Sunan Ambu heard his prayer and ordered the few poets and pohaci for down to earth to help the monkey Kasarung. When the poet reached the forest, the monkey Kasarung ask them for a bath made for Purbasari. The poet is the magic that helped make the latrine Salaka Kasarung monkey, a bath with a shower of gold and marble floors and walls. The water flowed from the eyes of clear water that had collected in a small pond. Into the small lake was sown variety flowers are fragrant. Meanwhile prepare the clothes for Purbasari pohaci. Clothing was the material of the clouds and the color of the rainbow. There is no such beautiful clothes on earth. The next day was very surprised to see Latrines Purbasari Salaka it. However, monkey kapadanya Kasarung said that he should not be surprised. Kabaikan Purbasari heart has led him affection Goda. “Latrines are available Salaka and clothes in it was a gift from Buana On for my lady,” said the monkey Kasarung “You yourself are a gift from Buana On me, monkey,” said Purbasari, then entered the toilet Salaka. Apparently, the water in the toilet Salaka has a property that does not exist in ordinary water is used Purbasari. When water was dibilaskan, hanyutlah Purbasari guarantor of skin. Her skin is olive reappeared even more brilliant. In his joy, Purbasari without ceasing to give thanks to heaven that has been loved. Out of the shower, she took the clothes made in the pohaci. He was fascinated by the beauty of the clothing that has beautiful jewelry. He was immediately put it on, then out of the toilet Salaka. ‘Monkey see!. Does this dress fit me? ”

Kasarung own monkey spellbound. In his heart he said, “Princess Purbasari, you like the twin’s mother Sunan Ambu, only much younger.”

“Monkey, Pantaskah this outfit for me?” Asked Purbasari well.

“The pohaci match for the princess,” answered the monkey Kasarung while grateful in his heart, and praised the wisdom of Mother Sunan Ambu.

Events in the forest was finally heard by Purbararang. People Pasir Batang kingdom ordinary looking fruits or hunt Forestry brought strange news. They talked about the forest that turned into a park, about black girls shack that turned into a small palace, the bath is very beautiful place, and led a very large monkey. A big monkey cause they do not dare to enter the park. The quirky news reached the ears Purbararang. He suspected there was Sand bars noblemen who secretly helped Purbasari. He became angry and think to find a way to harm Purbasari. He soon found a way to mecelakakan his youngest brother.
Purbararang argues that the nobility Pasir Batang pro Purbasari would not dare to help his brother openly. Therefore, Purbasari be challenged in an open game. The nobles can make Purbasari garden, a small palace, and Latrines Salaka. That they did clandestinely for a long time, thought Purbararang. If Purbasari required to create an area of ​​shifting cultivation in a single day five hundred fathoms, no one dared or could help him. He himself will easily be able to open huma thousand fathoms with the help of the soldiers. So he summoned Uwak Batara stepped down and said, “Uwak, went into the forest. Tell Purbasari that I challenge him racing to make cultivating. Purbasari should make huma an area of ​​five hundred fathoms and must be completed before dawn tomorrow. If unable to resolve it, or can not precede me then he would was beheaded. ”

Uwak Batara stepped down immediately went Forestry. He was greeted by Purbasari and monkey Kasarung. Upon hearing the dreadful news, Purbasari cried. ‘If my fate to die young, I was willing. The reason I am crying is an act of Kakanda Purbararang. So much is his hatred of me? ” Kasarung monkey said, “Do not worry Princess, Kahiangan will never forget the innocent.” Meanwhile, the third friend was talking in the forest, Purbararang not wasting time. He summoned a hundred soldiers and ordered them to open the forest for shifting cultivation near residence Purbasari. Huma should be completed the next day. If not completed, the soldiers will be beheaded. The soldiers who fears immediately went into the woods and went to work hard to open forest. They continue to work though the night fall and getting dark. They were forced to use torches numerous. Meanwhile monkey Kasarung allowing entry into the palace Purbasari kcilnya to rest. “Give the job to make huma it to me, my lady, ‘he said. When Purbasari has entered into a small palace, monkey Kasarung immediately prayed, pleading for help from Mother Buana At Sunan Ambu. Sunan Ambu heard his prayer and sent forty men poets to make huma. The selected plot of land is already open huma yag and suitable for planting rice. Huma is located not far from the forest that are opened by soldiers Sand Bar.

The next day when the sun rises, the group departed from the palace Sand Bar into the forest. Purbararang seated on a decorated palanquin silk and glittering jewels. Meanwhile, her fiance, Indrajaya, horseback riding at his side. Five brothers, daughters and others in the group with a number of nobles. Hundreds of soldiers guarding. Not to forget an executioner with the ax. Purbararang sure that that day he will be able to lynch her sister, Purbasari. However, he and his entourage was surprised because in addition to shifting cultivation, which opened the soldiers already there are other huma better. In the midst of shifting cultivation stood Uwak Batara Kasarung stepped down and the monkey. “Gusti Queen,” said Uwak Batara resignation, “This is the huma Princess Purbasari.” Purbararang really disappointed, embarrassed, and angry. He shouted, “Okay, but now I challenge Purbasari beauty compete with me. You’re the judge, “she said as she turned to the audience. Purbararang think Purbasari still pitch-black because of security. “Uwak, tell him to get out of his house!” Uwak Batara stepped down to allow Purbasari out of his small palace. Purbasari emerge and people memadangnya with amazement. Many people forget to breathe and blink. Many who forgot to shut his mouth. Purbasari so beautiful, so a nobleman said, “I seemed to see Sunan Ambu down to Earth.”

Seeing it at first Purbararang wryly. But he remembers that he still had hopes to win. He shouted, “Purbasari, let us match the hair. Who is longer, he wins. Remove sanggulmu! “With that Purbararang stand and remove the knot. Bushy black hair and loose until kepertengahan calf. Purbasari forced to comply. He also took off knot. Her black hair shiny and silky smooth like a wavy waterfall until ketumitnya. Purbararang hit back. However, he’s not desperate. He recalled that he had a very slim waist .. He said, “Look at all. I was wearing a belt is left over five holes. If Purbasari leaving less than five holes, he was beheaded. “As I said, so he took off his belt and threw golden throne to Purbasari gem. Purbasari wear it and it turns out the remaining seven holes. Now Purbararang be crazy. He yelled, “Hi people of Sand bars, there is still a game that can not be won by Purbasari. What game is it? Guess what? “She said as she saw the faces of Pasir Batang nobles who stood nearby. He laughed because it believes he will win in this last game.

“Match what, Kakanda?” Said one of her sister.

Purbararang smile. “Listen!” He said also, “In this game you have to compare who among our candidates a more handsome husband. Add to my fiance, Indrajaya. What do you think? Tampankah he? ” For some time no one answered. They were confused and shocked. Purbararang shouted, “Answer! Tampankah him? “The people replied,” Charming, Gusti Queen! “Purbararang not satisfied,” More loud! ”

“Charming Gusti Queen!”

Smiling Purbararang see towards Purbasari who stood near Uwak Batara Kasarung stepped down and the monkey. “Listen, Purbasari. Now you can not escape. We will compete comparing prospective husbands good looks. Indrajaya my future husband is handsome and dashing it. Who was your future husband? “Purbasari confusion. “Who else unless your future husband that big monkey?” Purbararang shouted as he pointed to the monkey Kasarung. Then he laughed. Purbasari silent. He looked toward the monkey Kasarung. Everything was silent. The executioner walked toward Purbasari twirling his ax while the width and thickness. As she looked toward the monkey Kasarung and wistful smile Purbasari said, “It should ye be my future husband, monkey.” Hear what was said was glad Purbararang Purbasari. Now he can destroy Purbasari. However, something happened. Purbasari heard it, monkey Kasarung change, back to its origin as a dashing and handsome Guruminda. All amazed and awed by the beauty Guruminda. Guruminda own Purbasari hand and said, “Queen you the truth, Purbasari, have said that I was supposed to be her future husband. As a prospective husband, I must protect and help him. His throne was seized by Purbararang. As a fiance Purbararang, you must be on his side, Indrajaya. Therefore, let us fight duel. ” Indrajaya not ready to fight a match, but instead knelt down and worshiped the Guruminda, beg forgiveness and mercy. Purbararang cried and apologized to Purbasari. Meanwhile, the nobles and the soldiers and the people would rejoice. hey will be free from fear and pressure Purbararang supporters.

On the same day the Queen Purbasari back to the Kingdom, accompanied by her husband, Guruminda. Purbararang and Indrajaya convicted and was employed as a sweeper in the palace garden. People feel relieved. They returned to work diligently as the administration of Prabu Tapa Agung. Thanks to the help Guruminda, Purbasari ruled by competent and very wise. Kingdom of Sand People’s Trunk feel protected, safe and peaceful atmosphere so that they can work quietly in the end their prosperity can get for real and equitable.



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