manager position in the company

the role of corporate managers is not easy and the success of a company can be created with the cooperation between superiors and subordinates. Manager must be able to encourage and promote service strategy, previously manager must be able to create management strategies in order for companies to be controlled properly to achieve the goal. Strategies are matters relating to whether or not the company is able to face the pressure that comes from inside and outside. A manager should also be able to measure the ability of its employees this is because for a person in a work placement can be in accordance with its human resource. After the company can be controlled then a manager should be able to communicate well with staff or employees that know the constraints of what happens in a company and what kind of service desired by a customer. In the company’s usually a leader does not communicate directly with its customers, which has a direct relationship with customers is an employee. So in every manufacturing service strategy a manager should be able to involve all parties that exist in the company.
A leader must be able to formulate a vision and mission by involving all parties associated with the company. This is done for the vision and mission that can be run well by all employees. By making employees feel a part of the company, they also will try to make customers satisfied with the service so that service strategies can be run properly by the company.


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